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Bio: As a YouTube creator/freelance artist/writer yet undeniably disabled person, I spend lots of time researching for new articles. My newest past time is testing products for sponsors like Influenster.com and Naturally Curly whenever I can. Though sponsors sometimes send me products, my reviews are always honest and thorough. In other words, I am not paid for my opinions!! Want me to write something for you? Anything your heart desires, email me @ alyworld1979@gmail.com for rates. PayPal is my preferred method of payment! Healthy, well-balanced, low-sodium meals and natural home remedies have a multitude of benefits so, I cover a wide range of topics from natural hair, to healthy eating and pain management through holistic approaches. I'm a bit of a misfit at heart, acquiring mad skills is my passion and "joie de vie". Stay lit and keep up with me on Twitter @AlynnRobi79, IG and Facebook under my name Alysha Robinson, visit me on YouTube at Ally's World or Donate to my gofundme campaign. Real recognizes real, wanna talk? Hit up my email! Trying to develop some low cost business proposals to start my charity Hidradenitis Help. Any suggestions to generate traffic, growth and investors is greatly appreciated. Wanna test products too?! Sign up for an account with Influenster.com!!

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