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Catfish Season 2 Episode 1 Break Downs

Catfish the series Season 2 Episode 1 opens to host “Nev” Schulman reading an email from a viewer with a strangely stated plea, “I need help meeting my fiancé-“? “Nev” and camera man (Max) are struck by the depth of suspicion behind that simple statement. How can a young woman be engaged to someone, if she needs help in order to meet him?

“Nev” travels to Miami, Florida to interview radio station worker Cassie, a young woman in college still grieving the tragic loss of her father, in a stagnant online engagement to (Steve), a young rap star/producer who has “been her rock” through her grief and self destructive coping mechanisms.

Cassie has a few JPEG images of her fiancé, a few pretty boy face shots and several of his rock hard abs. Cassie readily admits to “Nev” that she never wanted to look too far past the surface when things didn’t add up in the past attempts at webcam chats. It was enough for Cassie that he seemed to be who he represented. Their phone conversations are deeply personal, and at times sexual, but the core of their communications was their mutual interest; music. Steve frequently sends Cassie his studio tracks and song lyrics throughout her day, to keep her positive and focused on good things.

“Nev” does a quick internet search for the producer of the music he sends, that one bit of tech savvy research sets off a series of chain reactions that lands “Nev” not one but (SPOILER ALERT) two catfish!

The persona of Steve is actually Gladys, (Cassie’s best friend) the pictures of Steve are actually of a male model and Steve’s voice is actually Tony (Gladys’s cousin)!

Cassie breaks down completely when she realizes the betrayal is so close to home, (after all Tony and Gladys live together!), she recognizes his real picture at first glance but what she really needs is confirmation about Gladys. They immediately go to Gladys’s house and with “Nev” there to ask what was motivating the deception, the audience realizes that Gladys’s manipulations were surprisingly well intentioned.

They had been friends for so long, that when Gladys began to see Cassie’s life taking a dangerous and potentially fatal turn, she created “the perfect man” to bring Cassie back to her senses.

Cassie (the next day) after much introspection, realizes that because of Gladys, she had indeed become a better person. By offering support and guidance as a secret love interest, Gladys was able to fulfill another emotional role of support whenever Cassie struggled with temptation to relapse into addiction. The reasoning was flawed, the bonds of trust forged through friendship were ultimately damaged but in the end, Cassie and Gladys are able to remain friends.

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