Mike and Kristen

This week’s episode of Catfish the TV show begins with Michigan hunk Mike (the viewer), a young popular golfing enthusiast and home owner who has been in a 3 year heated phone relationship with troubled petite bikini-clad Kristen (the “catfish”) who lives like an hour away. She also lives in Michigan and yet after losing her left eye to an accident has been reluctant to meet him.

Host ” Nev” Schulman and camera man Max fly then drive to Michigan to get to the bottom of the lengthy courtship. Not a fan of computers or video web sharing, they would share “full-frontal nudity, provocative shots to get the imagination going, with face visible” pics online, according to bashful but blatantly honest, Mike. “Nev” hits the phone and web to research the address and telephone numbers of Kristen but immediately hits a few snags. When “Nev” calls the beauty school she attends, the receptionists immediately verifies that there was a Kristen in attendance but not with the last name given.

Turns out, Kristen Parker does not exist, but Kristyn Hillock, the name and profile of a girl with all the characteristics and details of Kristen Parker’s information (but no updated profile pictures) immediately causes “Nev” to hoot and howl in disbelief at how easy it was to connect the missing dots through Spokeo; a reverse phone “look up” service that allows users to view the physical addresses of their searched phone numbers and related online profiles. “Nev” and Max drive over to Mike with their suspicions and clues.

Mike is immediately put off by the initial deception and loses interest in even meeting Kristyn after the manipulative way she had him end his potential love interests by reminding him that she was waiting and they would eventually be together. “Nev” gets Mike to get over his initial feelings of disgust and reminds him that there is nothing for him to feel “stupid” about in this situation. It was normal for him to have feelings for this person considering everything they shared and had gone through together. He had the best of intentions throughout their friendship and Mike owed it to himself to at least confront Kristyn and learn the truth to move on. Mike skillfully cajoles the weary Kristyn over the phone into meeting and getting to the real reason she was making excuses.

(SPOILER ALERT) Catfish Kristyn is not the bubbly wholesome bikini-clad brunette from the pictures, she is actually a bleach-blonde obese rocker chick with an artificial left eye and braced left ankle (presumably from the lingering damage she received from a tragic car accident). This is a deal breaker for Mike, and after amiably listening to her explanations and acknowledging that their conversations had indeed meant something to him, he shakes her hand and respectfully bows out of a future meeting.

This week’s episode ends on a high note, although Mike (the viewer) is still a bachelor and living the single life with his Michigan “crew”, Kristyn has a new boyfriend and is in a much better emotional place after ending her deceptive and toxic relationship with Mike. When “Nev” checks back with Mike he has stayed in friendly contact with Kristyn over the few months, proving that this may not have been a love connection but Mike was big enough as person to overcome social stigmas he faced by being there for a troubled young woman with lots of lingering trauma and emotional issues from her weight gain.

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