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The Year of the Wood Horse has inspired many of us to stop whining and stick to our New Year’s Resolutions. In short, we have vowed to do only this: better.

I had researched and found success with programs in the past, but tackling everything at once, on my own, was overwhelming. For strengthening, I chose the best feminine media energies with all-inclusive messages of positive empowerment: Joyce Meyers, Kate Potter, and last but not least Queen Latifah as a foundation to support my spiritual walk back to wellness.

Here are six generalized tips and swaps I am currently using based upon the Ayurveda (article written by Scott Blossum) principles of wellness;

  1. Go at your own pace. Quick water and muscle weight loss is often unsatisfying and can be detrimental to your health. Ancient practices like yoga, tribal dancing and martial arts have survived the tests of time because they work: as you do.
  2. Do what feels right for you. If you can afford a gym membership and paid online support groups, use them! If not, they are not the only option. There are many other alternatives to recurring membership fees available all over the internet. Keep searching!
  3. Make easy organic swaps. The convenience of cheap processed foods is tempting but knowing exactly what goes into your meals is priceless. Indulging in pricier organic items and experiencing the full flavors may just strengthen your resolve to do better.
  4. Remember to reward yourself. There is harm in over-indulgence of anything, including advice. If after leaving it all on the yoga mat or twerking it out with your friends leaves you feeling emotionally drained, think about refreshing your spirit with; home spa treatments, mediations, guided prayers, light devotional reading, or soothing music instead of malingering in negative head space.
  5. Don’t leave work for yourself: plan ahead. Working against our natural cycles, trying to conform to commercialized images, and keeping up superficial appearances leaves very little time for feeding one’s self. Plan to be hungry; take light snacks, bottled water, and natural fruits to avoid temptation as you navigate through daily life.
  6. Satisfy your senses: address the stress. Simple homeopathic methods to ease the pain of stress and muscular tension include; burning incense or candles during moments of reflection, using fresh floral scents to calm your nerves at work and slowly sipping warm herbal teas when you need something sweet. Slowing down and breathing not only promotes sensory feelings of calm but also slows down your body’s natural urges to eat when stressed.

Following these principles has; increased my energy (which helped me to lose thirteen pounds in two months), helped me curb my anger issues and strengthened my commitment to wellness. So much of modern digital life is designed around our sensory systems with negative influences that are outside of our control. Tuning your body (like a spiritual instrument) makes it more receptive to the positive aspects of life.

(As always consult a doctor or personal physician before embarking on physical fitness and diet changes, my personal results are atypical and may vary)


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