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It Takes Scum to Know Scum when You’re on Thin Guid-Ice

I do not approve of this week’s episode title or the definition of scum in this case as being defined by Joe Gorga;

Scum; (noun); a person suspected of spreading false rumors about a relative for the sake of causing animosity.

I will say this for this weeks highlights; thank God for “Dr. V”.

The episode begins right where last week’s episode left off, Joe Gorga has been thrown to the floor by his brother-in-law, Joe Guidice, after charging him as Joe Guidice stormed through the door and demanded that Joe Gorga apologize to his sister Teresa. Joe Gorga becomes enraged and charges Joe Guidice who, with one move, deflected his advances and threw him to the floor with such force it knocked Melissa Gorga against the window. From his disadvantage on the floor, Joe Gorga reaches out and puts Joe Guidice in a lower body bear hug, his grip being Joe Guidice’s rear end and testicles.

“He’s bitin’ my balls!” Joe Guidice yells out several times while Melissa Gorga and Richie try their best to separate the two Joes. Teresa is running around visibly distressed and calling for producers to help, Melissa Gorga is like a wild cat scrambling to unlock Joe Guidice’s grip on Joe Gorga. Kathy Wakile is also in the middle of the Joe Typhoon getting knocked around with Richie and rationality finally breaking up this dysfunctional family fight.

It takes another frantic phone call to Caroline Manzo, “Dr. V” from California with the Italian vagina, a hot tub session and a night of emotional turmoil for the siblings and siblings-in-law to sit down with a mediator and talk out the tension.

Teresa first admits that sitting through all the hurt and rumors and listening to people speaking against her sister-in-law with the intention of causing stress and problems; is stupid.

The Gorgas have to admit that they have been suspicious and treated Teresa unfairly by listening to outside influences before speaking directly with their sister/sister-in-law because of past issues that have been resolved. The diagnosis; more direct contact between the siblings with uninterrupted communication with their spouses as supportive neutral parties for the future. A few more tears, forced exchanges with big hugs and the ladies are willing to put it all past them for the sake of their family and children.

After the untimely exit of “Dr. V” , (before Kathy can resolve her issues with Teresa), the gang all settles down to a night of feasting and drinking with a clean slate. They even dredged up a few trust falls, with Caroline Manzo adding in on the festivities with an interesting caveat; that Teresa make the first move to make up with Jacqueline too.

All the tears, pent up hostility and frustration were released, the resolution was satisfying. Finally, we get to see the Gorgas and Guidice’s and the Wakiles enjoy themselves without tension. They were a joy to watch. We can only hope the keep up the positive momentum with Jacqueline’s sit down with Teresa.

(as always psychological observations are mine and purely for entertainment)

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