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4 Tips to Help Train Your Large Breed Dog


As the owner of a large breed mixed-pedigree dog, (named *Brute* pictured) I have had to develop new ways to train him since he joined our family. I try to think of him as a protective bully, with no social boundaries and rather um, eccentric cleaning rituals. He’s big, he’s weird, but we’re used to him.

Here are 4 tips I have for maintenance and upkeep of your large breed pet;

Think practical: Your big dog isn’t a fashion statement. I often see people with large breed dogs (such as American Pit bulls or Coonhounds) buying chunky elaborate collars to scare away potential predators or as trendy fashion accessories. “Cool-looking” spikes, grommets, or rough leather collars with metal rings can; snag your upholstery, scratch hardwood floors, tear up your walls, your yard, and ultimately hurt you (or your loved ones) when you least expect it. Choosing a durable, breathable fabric like acrylic or blended cotton in a chest/shoulder harness will lessen the chances of benign accidents around your house.

You control the dog: don’t let the dog control you. The particulars of the leash rarely matter (during a walk) when simply collaring from the neck: the dog is in control. It has to struggle against the tension and causes the dog to choke as you struggle to keep pace. Purchasing a chest/shoulder harness will allow you to restrict his upper body movements without; cutting off oxygen, straining your grip as your walk, or being dragged when your best friend gets excited.

Proof for your pesky pooch. Just like a 7 or 8 year old child, as your dog gets older it wants to become more independent and do things on its own. “Fun” things like; retrieving yesterday’s leftovers from the trash, getting into the treats from the place it sees you hide them, or opening lower cabinets with its nose or front paws to investigate those yummy smells under the sink (which are probably toxic). Investing in simple child proof locks for your treat cabinets and covering your trash (even an empty box can work wonders) will ensure when you leave, things stay where you left them.

Freshen up with pet wipes. It is often difficult to convince a big dog that bath time is necessary. After all, he spends most of his day, um attending to his business. Rather than sloshing water all over your bathroom or hosing him down outdoors, consider purchasing hypoallergenic pet wipes from your local pet or home superstore. They come in fresh scents, only require a few wipes to remove natural oil build up, and your friend will appreciate the extra ear, face, and body rubs.
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