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Four Top Summer Job Sites for Teens

Summer is coming, and (if you’re a teen) just like mosquito bites and mega movie blockbusters, the “are-you-looking-for-work-and-thinking-about-your-future?” conversation from your parents (guardians or caregivers) is imminent. Don’t take the raised eyebrow of concern personal (speaking on behalf of “adults”): we have all been under the weight of that suspiciously expectant look before.

Statista.com, The Statistical Portal’s 2012 U.S. consumer trend report, asked U.S. Millennials: “What attributes are most important to you when considering a job in the United States? (For the purpose of this article we shall concern ourselves with the top 4 answers. For entire graph please visit webpage link)

The resounding majority (48%) of “share respondents” think a competitive salary is the most important part of a job with health care benefits (43%) following a close second. Holding strong at third place (34%) think it’s important that work/life are balanced and (25%) felt career advancement was not very important when choosing a job. (Charts are based off of “shared response” survey questions, not “number of people” asked, which is why the percentages are over 100%. Probability is high responders answered surveys multiple times.)

If the collected data is to be believed the first and most important motivator for teenaged applicants is: Money! Hey, I feel you, guys. Not only do I believe the evidence: I agree.

I then consulted Statista.com’s The Statistical Portal’s consumer trend 2012 report for U.S. Millennials planning on working in the U.S.: What working hours do you/would you expect from a job? The majority of teens (42%) expected typical 9 to 5 working hours while the middle (34%) expected mainly typical and some flexible hours while the minority realist (25%) expect mainly flexible hours from their places of employment.

These statistical results (for lack of better wording): Rock.

Here are 4 summer jobs sites for teens featuring competitive salaries and flexible hours with direct links to online applications;

1. Retail Workers through HireTeen.com: The self proclaimed 1# resource for teens to apply for jobs has more than 164 companies to chose from. From food service to retail outlet stores filling out a profile and creating a resume is the first step to your first summer paycheck. Each company job listing has the age and educational requirements clearly labeled making the job search painless and energy efficient.

2. Caregivers through Care.com: For those teens experienced with caring for younger siblings, keeping up with household chores and social media networking: Care.com is the one stop website for you! Filling out a profile is quick, easy and allows you the opportunity to finally get paid for the experience you put in from all those countless hours of continuous family obligations.

3. Movie Theater Workers through HireTeen.com: Hire Teen has made a second appearance for good reason. They have a special section devoted to movie theaters and cinemas jobs! From Acme to Malco and everything in between: chilling out in their air conditioned theaters while earning an employee discount has never been so easy.

4. Volunteers through Volunteermatch.org: This site claims they: “Bring good people and good causes together.” I know: this isn’t a “competitive” pay-based organization website. For the 25% who believe that career advancement is an important attribute for choosing a job: volunteer work could be the first step towards a solid foundation in a workforce. Depending upon the organization you choose, there may be many advantages to volunteering such as; educational awards, job experience, room and board, and in many cases: a stipend or expense allowance to fulfill your needs!
For more resources on finding summer jobs for teens online please visit these links;

1. Randstad.com: This “national network of companies” finds seasonal work for all ages (including teenagers) and is a wonderful resource for finding temporary jobs based on your unique skill set.

2. Snagajob.com: This job site has regional listings for open positions based on desired state, open positions, and employer/employee searches.
(And last: but certainly not least!)
3. Americorps: The Corporation for National and Community Service website has it all for those among you with civic duties prioritized on your resume; educational awards, job experience, and in many cases: a stipend! Research the site fully for programs that fit your needs and special skill set.