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The Many Advantages to Shopping for Baby Diapers Online

When it comes to baby, it is always better to be prepared for the inevitable cycle of diaper changes (some newborns need to be changed more than 10 times a day!), so as a new mother, you can get back to enjoying quality time with your new bundle of joy.
As an older sister, I cannot tell you how rushed my mother always felt loading all of us up (at odd times of the day or night), to run to a convenience store to purchase diapers and wipes for emergencies. It was difficult to budget for because you are at the mercy of the local store merchants for baby essentials.
Today, planning for diaper deliveries (from a trusted online distributor) not only saves you the headache of rushing to replace necessities, it also saves you money on; gas, possible doctors visits (from testing out available baby products with your newborn’s development) by narrowing down the possible irritants that contribute to rashes or skin sensitivities. Being able to price merchandise and set-up deliveries used to be a benefit exclusive to office managers and local business owners, now (with the advances in logistics and technology), you can cut out the middle man and handle it: like a boss.

Here are two hassle-free online diaper distributors that pass on the savings to their customers through discounts, with no membership requirements for site access;

  1. Huggies.com– Huggies website is not just for product details and standard company information. It also has special discounts for shoppers like; free shipping on orders over $35.00. Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers for 1 box of 88 count diapers (newborn size) is only $24.16 (Through Amazon.com) as compared to the average retail prices of $9.97 (Walmart online pricing) for a 30 count of diapers. Pure & Natural diaper brand features include; hypoallergenic materials like organic cotton, as well as, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E for soothing baby’s skin between changes. While Huggies does not sell their products directly through their website, they do offer easy links to in-state retail outlets that house their products like Amazon, Target, Walmart etc. (Prices may vary depending upon outlet, state and store.)
  2. Diaper Buys.com Diaper buys features many companies and has special discounts for “narrowing down the search” for their consumers’ needs. They also feature free standard shipping and social media incentives: “Like us on Facebook and receive an exclusive coupon code for $3.00 off your order of $25.00 or more!” This is just the beginning of savings for discerning consumers. Their cheapest brand Curity Ultra Fit Baby Diapers are available based upon weight, with newborn diaper sizes costing $6.47 for a bag of 18 or $51.75 for a case of 144. Brand features: Rapid Dry absorbent core for improved protection and dryness. (Selections for purchase are based on baby weight and quantity. Pricing may vary depending upon state, merchandise availability and seasonal variations.)

As your child grows, each of these online distributors offers diapers for each stage of development, making the switch between stages has never been so easy or affordable.
For more on where to purchase different sizes, styles and brands of quality diapers online please visit these links;

1. Huggies.com has more than just traditional diapers, they also have many skin care products (like wipes) discounts for when you buy in pairs and brands for each stage of your child’s development stages.

2. Diaperbuys.com– Is not just for babies and small children, they have a vast variety of products for customers of all ages dealing with incontinence issues.