How to Overcome Home Repair Mistakes: Effortlessly

Yard sale salvages are a do-it-yourself-weekend-warrior’s reason for living in some cases. The thrill of the chase can be an adrenaline-fueled (30 mile an hour) thrill ride that “retail newbies” just cannot relate to. Only a seasoned bargain hunter can understand the ecstasy of showing up early at an estate or neighborhood block sale and discovering that retro recliner that would fit perfectly in your den or “man-cave.” There’s no reasoning with the vision of DIY diva, because with just a little patience, time, fabric, wood glue and thread: her DIY dream can come true!

In our case, my mother found some fantastic Queen Anne wing chairs (the fabric was a little worn, outdated and needed repair) for $30! Of course, they were coming home! After finding a few YouTube videos and researching on Home and Garden websites. the project seemed not only feasible but it was a waste of money not to!

It was when she began to diligently take apart the chair: that reality set in. Before she could even start, it took her another 3 years to find enough of a reasonably priced fabric she liked from an upholstery outlet. Another year of acquiring the proper tools she would need to successfully finish the dissemble process, (carefully removing all the tiny staples, decorative buttons, packing them and remembering where they go!) and today a little over 2 years from her start date, the first chair still needs a refinished cushion before she can get to the other chair.

Am I knocking her efforts at obtaining her dream? Of course, not! I understand her vision and support it fully (Not only did I help her with the cutting and pattern making I also bought a new sewing machine to make the slip covers for the new cushions). I also realized there were a few don’ts to remember in her home DIY project process;

  1. Don’t rush it. No matter how much encouragement you get from your instructions to “just do it” the actual doing takes a whole lot out of you. Between working (working out), keeping up with the family, paying bills and maintaining a healthy social life your DIY project always takes a second seat to reality.
  2. Don’t get discouraged. Try scheduling times once a month or once a week to work on your salvaged prize. Look up videos online and be sure to remember: everything takes time, even you! It may take more than one attempt to finish your new-to-you masterpiece.
  3. Don’t overload yourself. Those DIY experts have teams of educated hard working help to offer suggestions and work overtime to finish. Combined, small production teams, have years of experience to pull off projects in one weekend. Take your time, listen to your body and don’t get frustrated with the process.
  4. Don’t give up. Eventually, all those hours of study, patience and concerted effort will pay off! The finished parts of my mom’s chair look seamlessly professional, and we still have work to be done but it’s something we look forward to. Just like the next time we go bargain hunting for a new overlooked trash-to-treasure prize!

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