What to Expect from the Marshall Mathers L.P. 2 Album (release Date: Nov 5, 2013)

Eminem has been dropping new singles from his upcoming Marshall Mathers L.P. 2 album after a lengthy season of presumed introspection. While Eminem is known for delivering rapid fire rhymes and bombastic beats with layered melodies beneath off-beat hooks and lyrics (that have a tendency to be absurdly violent with a satirical edge of self-harm), he is maturing as a hip-hop artist. Standing unapologetically from behind his self-proclaimed “clown” persona (according to the lyrics from his Beautiful song from 2009), this year’s few official releases prove he was on the sidelines, but never out of rotation with rap and hip-hop All-Stars.

Berzerk (video released via Eminem’s facebook page 09 September 2013)- is the latest track to be released and is reminiscent of old school hip-hop icons like the Beastie Boys with the heavy vinyl record scratches but the rhymes and power behind the music is completely Eminem. Without the hint in his intro, “let’s take it back to straight hip-hop: it started from scratch”, this track is more of a nod to traditional hip-hop by sound alone. With so much of today’s music and fashion trends inspired from the awesome 80s, his first video for the November album is a smash up of all things Em. From the impossibly big boom box being featured on a sound stage with a big bearded fellow between random fight clips and extreme sports videos this song proves he is in touch with the majority of his fan base: adrenaline-fueled “manly” men. He easies up (a little) on the females in his lyrics this time, inviting the ones with “bangin’ bodies” to let their hair down and go Berzerk as well.

Survival– this power anthem released in August of 2013 for the video game demo release of Call of Duty Ghosts (featuring Liz Rodrigues) is completely now, his vocalist is fearless and spits out her lyrics proudly stating the rules of play when listening to the song, “This is survival of the fittest.” The beat is merciless as he lays bare his beginning and future in this apocalyptic battleground of rap from his view at the top. Eminem vocalizes his intentions for his body of work, and gives fans a peek at some of his insecurities as an artist. He says he doesn’t “have no diploma for school, he quit” academics in his youth but still he’s able to reference multi-layers of subtext and meaning with his puns “I’m not a rapper I’m an adapter: I can adjust” and mixing metaphors of “throw me to the wolves” and “in an alligator pit” perhaps referring to how he feels in the public eye amid critics and speculation on his personal struggles. Em manages to answer all the critics and “haters” in this song, practically daring them to question his place in rap history and his heart as an American artist.

Symphony in H– a “snippet” from Dj. Tony Touch’s The Piece maker 3: The return of 50 MC’s” (released in June of 2013) features an out of this world beat and instrumental syncopation that is decidedly Eminem in its brevity and lasting impression. 1:32 seconds of Eminem rhyming about his imperfect relationships with women between his mentions of “swat teams” and “tying J-lo to a railroad” is a teaser to what promises to be a lyrical wonderland of ridiculous imagery through the breath of a modern master.

It can’t be easy being Eminem. Through the years he’s had to gain acceptance from a diverse group of fans, be at the top of a community that was slow to recognize his contributions to hip-hop because of his race, as well as be a strong supportive father to his 2 young girls, all while being accountable to critics as a grown man. Eminem through it all has maintained a fresh influence in the rap game, tested a variety of musical genres and techniques, as well as maintaining a strong web presence without losing what he represents: freewill. Whether you love him or hate him, his new album Marshall Mathers L.P. 2 promises to be a lyrical joyride through the chaotic streets of Detroit, with Eminem in the driver’s seat, completely in control but impossible to read as you coast along to his monster jams.

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