A Guide to Four Floral Gift Shops in Germantown/Bartlett, TN

Spring has officially sprung in Memphis, Tennessee. In my neighborhood, the Japanese Cherry blossom trees have unfolded their delicate white flowering leaves and bow gracefully from their low hanging branches. The earthy smell of freshly mowed grass is in the air, and each morning just as the sun cuts through the azure blue, dawn breaks with a symphony from newly arrived birds of every color. Bluejays, scarlet red cardinals, speckled brown sparrows, and stout little red breasted robins merrily chirp us awake from their evergreen perches.

It is hard to not gush endlessly at the cycles of nature that we simply call “spring.” Here in the south the joys of a spring garden are often so brief between the rains and the crushing waves of heat that a visit to the local flower shop, (for those of us born without a green thumb) is the next best thing.

Here are four flower shops in Memphis, Tennessee (each with online ordering and home/international delivery options), whose businesses are literally blooming:

  1. Bartlett Florist (located at 5782 Stage Road): has a bevy of floral gifts and services beyond the basic bouquets and specialty arrangements. Although they specialize in weddings and funerals they also have; fresh or silk flowers, cards, gourmet fruit baskets as well as decorative art for sale. Ms. Crystal recommends re-potting purchased plants every 2 to 3 months to ensure the roots remain healthy and aerated. Prepare for the upcoming prom season with discounted corsages and boutonnières at just $35.00. Visit www.bartlettflorist.com for more information on event planning, seasonal specials, and hours of operation.
  2. Holliday Flowers Incorporated (located at 6779 Stage Road): these ladies offer a variety of easy care seasonal floral arrangements for just about every occasion imaginable. Besides beautiful bulbs, this flower shop also features; decorations, furniture, custom fabric and drapery as well as lighting for special events. For seasoned gardeners they also offer a selection of regional plants that transfer from pot to plot with ease like; azaleas, begonias, hydrangeas, and tulips. Jeweled or flower wristlets and accessories for prom season range from $8 to $19.95. For more on seasonal discounts for office workers like “Professional Administrative Day” or Mother’s Day visit: www.hollidayflowers.com.
  3. East Memphis Florist (located at 7041 Highway 64 # 104): affiliated with FTD Flower and Delivery Service as well as Better Homes and Garden bouquets, this little flower shop is snugly in the middle of a strip mall in the small business district of Germantown. Though humble in appearance, in store gifts and merchandise include candles, decorative throws, “Arthur Court” silver and much more! Their international delivery services include countries around the world from Angola to Zambia: East Memphis Florist offers regional specialties that are just a click away on their website: www.eastmemphisflorist.net. And each purchase comes with their guarantee.
  4. Pugh’s Flowers (located at 5645 Poplar): these flower experts have been in business for over 30 years and have it all; a comprehensive website for their special services, competitive advertising, and 24/7 operator assistance all designed to: set their consumers at ease when it’s time to give the gifts of spring. Though know for their flower shop, they also have a landscaping division known simply as Pugh’s Earthworks, which sets them apart from their competitors. The Pugh’s family relies on their 12 point code of ethics when providing services for the community (at home as well as abroad). For more on international deliveries, prices, products, services, hours of operations and seasonal specials please visit: www.pughs.com

(Some businesses listed above have multiple locations, changing hours of operation and regional/seasonal specials: please visit links to find which business best serves your floral and gift needs)