Soaking wet after rinsing, up next deep conditioner! I love how soft and clean my hair feels after the bentonite clay mask!

Before, During, After

My hair journey is constantly changing since becoming natural. I have not relaxed my hair in over 2 and a half years. Stopped straightening my hair every four days over a year ago. Low manipulation techniques along with protective styles has made these past 2 years struggling to understand my hair’s needs bearable but I am still unable to type my hair.

It holds a lot of water when wet, which means it is high porosity but it does not retain the moisture, which means my hair drinks product. Doesn’t matter how much I spent on a custard, smoothie or gel my hair stayed dry, wouldn’t curl and every style would frizz.

Lately I’ve been using Aussie Moist line products to cleanse and condition, but my suspicion is the cold dips in temperature are sucking the moisture from my strands. When I add moisture like water or refresher spray, my hair frizzes up like brown cotton candy.

To soften and define my curls I switched to a Health & Beauty AZTEC SECRET Indian Healing (Bentonite) clay mask inspired by Naptural85.

Below are pics of my hair before, during and after the process of making and applying the clay mask.

Bentonite clay has been used by ancient civilizations to cleanse the scalp and hair without stripping any moisture from the hair cuticles for generations. As a natural, it’s important to develop failsafe recipes whenever your hair gets temperamental. Better to trust a method that has stood the test of time then try out the next new thing!

For curl definition, and to allow the mask to harden, I leave it on up to an hour. This recipe uses aloe vera water for increased moisture, to balance the ph level of the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Always use warm water to dissolve the clay and let water do most of the work rather than trying to lather like normal shampoo. All the oil, dirt and build up is magically absorbed by the bentonite particles!

I just smooth the creamy mask on, let it air dry, rinse then follow up with my deep conditioner!

This method doesn’t require a prepoo but deep conditioner is necessary because of the drying aspect of the purification properties.

I have also used ACV instead of aloe vera juice. My scalp tingled at the reaction (had to rinse out sooner than expected after maybe 5 minutes) of the ACV but it left my hair noticeably softer than the aloe vera juice.

Soothing Bentonite Clay mask for Clarifying

3/4 of a cup of bentonite clay for medium to long hair

1 cup of aloe vera water

10 drops of lavender essential oil (optional)


I make a well in the bentonite in a plastic bowl and slowly add the aloe vera water to keep the clay from seizing up. For a creamy consistency keep stirring until nearly smooth.

I used all of my clay for my hair but extra can be used as a purifying face mask. Two tablespoons of clay and a few drops of rose hip oil and lavender essential oil with two tablespoons of ACV. There’s a simpler recipe on the plastic tub of Aztec Secret!


Do you use bentonite clay? Let me know why and how it turned out!

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