It’s hard to describe the constant lull of analyzing, when concurrently, reality provides a dozen distractions at the touch of a finger. Just a thought. But back to the business at hand, who I am.

I was born in the middle of the month, (the 16th) in the middle of the family, (only girl Nbr 3 of 5, V power) in the middle of the evening (9) on the 9th month of the year. Astrological sign *Virgo* in 79.

I am not into labels. To be quite frank, I find them misleading and confining to the will, although having a title is conveinent when introducing yourself to others. Personally, I’m medically disabled and can’t work a 8 hour shift but I ain’t dead yet, man.

What can I say, I ain’t into introductions. What I do like is to help others but it’s difficult when every marker of success in society is marked by productivity. Lack of productivity, regardless of medical diagnosis, is often perceived as sloth to the superficial mind. Add medical Marijuana usage to the equation and people do not have time for your hippy dippy commune lingo that smacks of socialism to conservative ears.

To many, the jobless and those without titles associated with careers are slackers. Restless layabouts lost in organized thought translates as “lazy” or “procrastination” to mere muggles unburdened by the trappings of imagination and creativity.

It is true, months can pass before I remember my unknown number of unfinished projects, years in some cases. When a shiny new thing strikes my fancy (literally anything a panda, a happy fluffy kitten, Oooh! What’s that? It’s giggle, happy time for my focus) it requires much discipline to reign my focus back in.

For those unfamiliar with Virgo signs, we’re an Earth sign, empathetic by nature. As analyzing, argumentative, gracious and helpful characters go, us Virgoans come off as a fairly mutable bunch of moody souls who run hot and cold like the weather to other star signs. Well, nothing I can do about that, man. I just ride the train, I ain’t the conductor.

Aside from glancing at my horoscopes occasionally and being an active member of several Virgo groups, I try to pass on the information I learn there and other places for the benefit of others. Whether this generous compulsion is predetermined by the placement of the stars upon my earthly arrival or is merely a passing whim of a fickle heart, what I learned is: focus is required for any concentration.

Deep breathing exercises in quiet spaces always helps me detach from the offending distraction that is scrolling for social interaction. While satisfying the need for active social interactions, time can get away from you on those social platforms.

To reset, I turn off the phone, music, television or whatever, only have soft light and a floral accent incense stick to soothe the senses to just breathe.

Limiting my caffeine intake, sugar and salt intake helps me rest my racing thoughts without getting jittery.

After a few moments of quiet inner contemplation, I am able to focus on one small goal at a time.

So, does the astrological sign determine my intentions, or doesn’t the motivation matter if a practice works to bring a mind back to center?

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