My hair, 80% dry with just JBCO after the greenhouse method. Very low maintenance for hair growth and recovery!


Just me, no makeup on Wash Day. My hair is dry and ready for the prepoo! The Struggle begins…

The Struggle of wash day is only truly appreciated by a fellow natural. Following a YouTube tutorial with all due diligence, and ending up with an unwearable tangle of tumbleweeds, (instead of the formless continuation of textured waves you envisioned) is a wound to the ego felt in the very soul. The time spent curing the style in expensive combinations of oils, creams and clays to end in disaster can make the mind turn in on itself.


Hot Mess!! #Fail! Why my hair look like two different types of crazy on 2 different heads, though?? I was so mad!

The siren call of creamy crack is loudest when installing the inevitable low bun to tuck away offensive scraggly tresses.

That call is best silenced by reason. The devil always Temps us at our lowest point, fellow naturals!

So, no, my hair did not turn out like the tutorial, but it is still super soft and manageable, as well as healthy with lots of other options for styling next time!


Flat twists out! Why can’t my whole head turn out like this? *Sigh*

I wanted to chronicle this learning lesson because I am sure others have experienced similar disappointment.

Soldiering on, fellow naturals. My hair will live to slay another day!


All Dolled Up with Perm Rods! Done under a bonnet dryer with indirect heat. Love those curls! (I eventually fixed that one curl.)

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The Struggle in 4 pics. The left side is crazy, right side is okay. The 2 sides together look wild and crazy, not a wearable style. And top pic is the inevitable defeated (but healthy) low bun!