Skywalker OG kush. I wish you could smell the dankness. It is dank af. Lemon notes, earthy, strong and a resounding euphoric high that gently eases off. Yas. The force is strong with this one!

Hidradenitis has been a shadow over my life for nineteen years now. Officially, I have been sick, longer than I have been healthy this year. Not to put a too frank a point on the subject but, hidradenitis fucking sucks.

It’s gross, man. There’s no cure. Like, fucking sucks.

When I first started getting outbreaks of small hard nodules on my legs that developed into full boils, nothing really eased the pain.

It starts out as an inner itch, nagging as the infection attacks the hair follicles. Then as infection grows the nerve endings in the surrounding tissue begin to spiral radiate pain as the infection spreads. Next the aching agony of the skin stretching unnaturally as the infection thickens as the skin thins to a breaking point. This can take days, weeks, months, or require surgical intervention if an abscess forms. Abscesses form when the infection burrows into fatty pockets of tissue and is trapped with no exit point in these common areas; armpits, breasts, trunk (abdomen), groin, buttocks, and legs.

Unlike prescription pain relievers, Marijuana was the first thing recommended by fellow hidradenitis sufferers on a hidradenitis chat board nearly 20 years ago. It wasn’t something I was comfortable using considering was illegal everywhere. And how much credit can you give a guy that leaves a smiley face after suggesting Marijuana as a treatment? Even if he does have the same disease as me?

Not until I was past the point of surgery did I resort to using Marijuana to numb the pain and shame. Acquiring the medicine is difficult and dangerous in noncompliant states.

You have to deal with questionable characters, get caught up in dicey situations trying to make shady deals and significantly increase the chances of getting arrested, robbed, physically or emotionally harmed just to get that one medicine that will ease the pain. I can’t image how my life would have turned out, if my medicine was just legal and available at my local dispensary.


Rocking my twisted rod set, face beat, blowing that Incredible Hulk kush to numb the pain. Toke on if you’re smoking. Try to have compassion if you don’t. I wouldn’t begrudge you the opportunity to ease your suffering. Real.

It’s why I added the Medical Marijuana initiative and the classification of hidradenitis as a disease eased by Marijuana into my gofundme campaign.

Why do we have to suffer needlessly? The disabled are often unable to move out of state to comply with changing laws as consciousness grows. Why can’t those in power, see past the criminality to the reality of suffering? When it’s bad, you’ll do just about anything to ease that pain. I would much rather pay a state sponsored dispensary that can benefit the community I live in, rather than, in some cases, a shady plug with light bags.

What are your thoughts on Medical Marijuana usage? Do you have a condition eased by smoking? Like, share, follow, add, comment! Let’s chat below!

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Some of my medicine to last a few days. Some Skywalker OG kush. May the dank be with you.