JBCO, Olive oil and Coconut oil 3 of the many popular oils highly recommended within the natural hair community for rejuvenating lackluster curls!

Every natural is bombarded with different ways to moisturize, cleanse and condition their unique strands. Whether coiled, kinky or curly at some point, oil is required.

Sadly, I came to the prepoo method (a practice done before shampooing) a year and a half into returning natural, one day while scrolling through my timeline in one of the natural hair pages I follow. The article said that coating the damp open hair cuticles in a thick, viscose oil like olive oil, coconut oil, or a blend of natural oils for at least 9 hours will prevent that stripped, squeaking feeling natural hair gets while shampooing.

The length of time the oil takes to soak into the hair shaft differentiates between popular natural hair terms like hot oil treatments, oil rinsing, prepooing, and the greenhouse method.

The greenhouse method is used to keep the scalp and hair continuously moisturized under a shower cap in a moist warm environment to promote hair growth. The greenhouse method has the least amount of manipulation. Twisting the damp oiled hair into knots and keeping them tucked under a shower cap for up to 5 days or more means no chance of shedding or breakage due to styling.

I prefer to use JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) to greenhouse. Afterwards my hair is baby soft and easy to manage while I rehydrate/style.


I LOVE the smell of this JBCO! The AMLA gives this thick, rejuvenating oil a sweet orange essence that makes my scalp pleasantly tingle. Highly recommended!

Also love to prepoo before using my Aussie Moist shampoo or any name brand cleanser. It makes my hair less tangled, lets me get the most out of my conditioners and makes the art of Wash Day easier.

If I am too tired to style or feel like my new product has left my strands feeling dry, I make sure to greenhouse my hair until I have a chance to give it the attention it needs.

Since I do both of those long term oil saturations for my hair, I do not do hot oil treatments or oil rinsing.

So, what do you prefer to use in your wash day routine? Notice any difference in your hair when different techniques are used and in the time the oil is left on the hair? Let’s chat below!

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Me “prepooing” before Wash Day. Hair twisted, oiled and resting under the shower cap before shampooing!