Whether you’re team #oldschool with Remy Ma and Queen Latifah or team #youngmoney with Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown (how sway?), even if you don’t have a dog in this hunt, chances are you’ve heard of the battle. This is more about the business aspect of the music industry than the individual artists or teams taking shots at each other.

People sometimes forego the positive messaging when formulating songs, then add targeted subliminal messaging to superficially innocuous lyrics in order to better market their other products to crossover demographic audiences because some studies show “negative impact/response” sales in mass manufactured products with subliminal advertising (cues or signals) are faster and higher in quarterly revenue returns than positive impact market sales which tend to require patience to manage and profit from over a longer period.

This analysis is just an outsider’s perspective, with an insider’s interest in business management, who happens to have an ear for subliminal advertising in the marketing of products to the 18 to 34 year olds. So don’t be coming out of ya mouth sideways at me over legalities, specifics and semantics unless you got time because if you didn’t know, baby, I am here for it!

Seriously though, that’s what is behind all the talk of surgical enhancements, whom is a better positive role model to young women (Queen), and the aftermath this public discussion will have on their watchful consumer base: the fans.

This is also an excellent socioeconomic discussion on how the music industry provides a documented causation study scale for the overall affects of mass advertising to only the “elite”: those with insider trade access to the information, and their overall effects in individual communties where their demographic audience lives.

Team #oldschool came out of the shadows and threw a whole shaker of salt on team #youngmoney’s business model by pointing out “yea, y’all got all that money but you still ain’t saying nothing, hoes”, and team #youngmoney’s response was deliberate and thought out. In short, “it’s making us money, though. We not responsible for the decisions you make in your lives or the decisions our fans make in their lives, btw, YM album featuring this theme will be dropping soon, you old bitches.”

(“” used to paraphrase all the back and forth into urban venacular succinctly)

Only time will tell the true Aftermath this battle for the Queendom has left on rap as a billion dollar industry and the legacy it leaves on the world.


So, what do you think? Is everything copacetic, back-to-brand business in the rap world? Or do you expect more depth, empowerment and positive messaging from the artists you support? Anything missing? Leave me a comment, educate me on the validity of your stance if mine underwhelmed you? Get up with me below!

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