I grew up in South Jersey, less than 30 minutes from Philadelphia so corned beef comes in a Reuben, with ham, turkey, coleslaw, thousand island dressing, swiss cheese (on seeded Jewish rye bread!) and a kosher spear dill pickle on the side. That sauerkraut is weird on a Reuben, to us. Put that on the bratwurst, like the Germans do, or eat it on the side, man, because it’s weirding out my Reuben.

Everyone knows the traditional American celebration of St. Patrick’s Day includes a corned beef, cabbage, carrot and potato roast with Irish soda bread. Then, there’s what to do with the leftovers of that tasty meal, which brings us to corned beef hash.

To me, corned beef hash was that salty, mushy stuff in a can, not the crispy, substantial mix of potatoes, onions and browned corned beef served under a sunny side up egg. Didn’t come to appreciate that delectable brunch favorite until recently and since have become a fan.

Don’t want to make the whole Irish roast just for the hash? Here’s my version, perfect for sandwiches and hash for the leftovers.

Here’s everything you need for Awesome Saucery’s Slow Cooker Corned beef:


The haul and tools required for slow cooker corned beef: a fresh corned beef, one red onion, vegetable broth base, 1 bottle of water, salt and pepper, the spice packet included, an 8 quart slow cooker (or smaller but it must fit the roast!), 1 sharp knife, spoon for stirring and a cutting board. (Mine is green.)


The Haul

1.79 pound corned beef with spice packet included

1 tablespoon of vegetable broth base

1 red onion

1 bottle of water

Salt & Pepper


I was so happy to find this beauty. Discounted and serves 4 for less than $1.60 per person!



Don’t chuck out that spice packet!! You’ll need it and don’t forget to rinse it with the beef. Ecoli is no one’s friend, certainly not the spice packet’s.

First open the corned beef roast and (spice packet, too!) rinse the meat under cold running water. (I do this to get rid of any loose tissue or bone fragments from the meat.)

Place meat into the slow cooker, on top of the row of sliced onions to prevent charring on the bottom.


The beef has been salted and peppered then placed on top of the sliced onions to prevent any browning.

Combine the vegetable base and bottle of water then pour over the top of the roast and onions.


Added the vegetable broth to make up for the lack of cabbage, carrot, and celery usually used to flavor the corned beef dish. Put the spice on the beef then the remaining sliced red onions on top for extra flavor.

Lastly, add the spice packet over top of the meat and place onions on top. This is fine, since the air is trapped during the cooking process, those spices will permeate the whole roast without the usual even distribution.


Couldn’t be simpler for a homemade feast! Just leave it and forget for 3 and half hours!

Cover then let cook on high for 3 and half hours.



The meat will be tender and perfectly seasoned, great for quick, hearty meal. I hope you make this recipe and enjoy!

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Sliced and ready for a Reuben or next to some roasted veggies and mashed garlic potatoes!