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Fresh Corned Beef Hash and Poached Egg, an old diner favorite! Loaded with protein, biotin and potassium from the beef, egg and potato! Lecker! (Delicious!) Take it easy on the salt with this treat, as corned beef is high in sodium. Drink lots of Der wasser (the water).

Been practicing German with Memrise (free trial demos available through the app free to download in your Google Play Store) for the past two weeks and wanted to share the fun with you guys!

As a cool follow up to my earlier blog post on Slow Cooker Corned Beef, I wanted to give you guys a recipe for real deal corned beef hash.

Not that mushy, salty stuff you get in a can eaten out of desperation for a similar taste experience, no! But the real deal, combination of fresh charred bits of corned beef, crisp spring onions, a bright bite of spring onion, and fried kartoffel (potatoes) with a soft gooey poached Ei (egg) on top.

Developing this recipe was a little tricky because depending upon the cooking techniques of the potatoes I used (and the type of pan), I got different results!

First time, I made this dish with leftover baked potato in a non stick, teflon pan with the traditional ingredients, no seasoning. The results were a crispy, yet flat, needful dish that required further testing.

The next time, used a larger stainless steel frying pan (didn’t properly season it), boiled potatoes and a few add ins to perk up the flavor. The results were a tasty, not at all crispy, mush of hash that still complimented the (this time), soft fried egg on top, nicely. However, all that lovely caramelization couldn’t stick to the wet potatoes, the crust was stuck to the bottom of the pan and no matter how hard I tried, how much butter I added, the crust remained glued to the bottom of the pan. Instead of on my hash. Traurig (Sad).


So, third times a charm, this time I am using the telflon pan, baked Yukon Gold potatoes and a few add ins to enhance the natural sweet and savory elements of corned beef hash. Es schmeckt lecker (it tastes delicious), the perfekt (perfect) treat for a brunch extravaganza or your next Mother’s Day feast!


For Awesome Saucery’s Corned Beef Hash and Poached Egg:


Ingredients for Fresh Corned Beef Hash: Corned Beef (pictured in bag), red onion, 2 spring onion stalks, cage free eggs, 2 baked large Yukon Gold potatoes, butter (not pictured), pepper, salt (use sparingly), apple cider vinegar, and minced garlic!


2 cups of fresh corned beef, diced

1 red onion

2 baked Yukon Gold potatoes, cooled, peeled, and diced

2 sprigs of green onions, sliced thin, both white and green for texture and color

3 tablespoons of butter or as much needed for frying

As many free range eggs as required per person (usually 1 or 2 per serving)


Salt (you want to save the salt until after you taste it because corned beef is high in sodium)

1 tsp of minced garlic

2 tablespoon of ACV vinegar or a vinegar of your choice for poaching liquid.


Tools required!

Prepped ingredients ready for the pan!


1/2 small diced Red onion, 2 cups of diced corned beef, 2 peeled, diced potatoes and the sliced spring onions. (Makes approx 4 servings.)

First, heat about 2 tablespoons of butter in hot pain.


Add chopped onion, salt and pepper. Sauté until soft.


Add 1 teaspoon of minced garlic



and the chopped potatoes. Sauté until potatoes are heated through and just beginning to brown. Add the diced corn beef and bits of butter in the middle of the pan and around the sides to prevent sticking and built the crust.


Sauté and incorporate the meat throughout. Smash down the hash to form a flat rounded pile. Let set on medium high heat for 2 minutes.


Slightly Mash down the hash to start forming the crust.

Cut the hash in 4 cross sections, flipping each section once at a time. Smash down again. Let cook for 2 minutes.


Cut, flip, butter, REPEAT, at least 5 times to make the crust for the corned beef hash.

(Repeat last section at least 5 times, adding butter as needed to build the crust browned crust.)

On the last cut, flip and smash, add a handful of spring onions. Move pan off heat.


The hash is browned and sliced spring onions are sprinkled on top! Remove from heat and let it rest. Time to make the egg!

How to Poach das Ei (the egg)

In small saucepan bring 3 cups of water to boil. Add 2 tablespoons of ACV to stabilize the egg whites. Crack the egg into a small bowl, added it to the side of the pot. Repeat for as many servings, each egg added one at a time.


The Poached Eggs, drop eggs 1 at a time into boiling water with vinegar! Cook 2 minutes then turn off heat!

Cook for 2 minutes or to your desired doneness. To check, grab a wooden spoon and gently press on the yoke. Turn off heat. Let sit for one minute.

Ready to eat soft white yoke with slightly runny yellow yoke.



Some eat the poached egg on top of the corned beef hash (Above), others get the egg on the side, (Below).


Danke. Hope you enjoy! Sprechen sie deutche? Please like, share, comment, and add me! auf Wiedersehen!

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