So, after I finally found this miracle product in Sculpt Curl Gel, who I want to personally thank for giving me confidence in my hair again, I can’t recommend it enough.

This gel styler gave me a soft, defined and wearable #washandgo. A style, as a natural, I was avoiding because I wasn’t able to make it work but now, this will be one of my go to’s for ease! So, now comes the final part of my Trendsetters’s journey, preserving the style!


That’s me, a Naturally Curly Trendsetter! Used Sculpt Curl Gel for my defined and soft wash and go, I just love the results!!

First, I put my hair into 2 ponytails.


Preserving my wash and go in 2 loose pineapples before I go to bed!

This is the 2 pineapple method, girls who cannot maintain a single pineapple, without damaging the curl pattern, use. Just attach a ouch less scrunchee, no metal or plastic fasteners at the base of hair and pull through, no winding!


Next day, my pineapples safely tucked away under my “extra jumbo” satin cap!

Lastly, cover your ponytails with an extra jumbo, Ms. Remi Premium Day & Night cap! It’s double lined to protect your hair from dips in temperature, trapping your natural body heat to keep your curls shiny and soft. I originally bought this extra jumbo cap, so I could sleep in my perm rods and flexi-rods overnight. There’s so much room your curls won’t get squished and the elastic headband means, no curls can escape! From edge to nape protection with comfort, this extra jumbo cap can’t be beat!

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