Some of the things I take for healthy hair growth and wellness! The biotin and collagen (Youtherory) as well as Zinc are absorbed better when taken with vitamin C! Love to take my collagen powder with Premier, it tastes great!

One of the things I am usually asked as a hair blogger (aside from what hair type do I have), is how do you grow healthy hair? Well, the answer almost never begins in the ethnic hair aisle, it nearly always begins in the grocery section.

Believe it or not, the first indicator for serious underlying health issues is our hair and skin. Often times, our diet contributes to many of those nagging symptoms of vitamin deficiencies, we experience HAIR LOSS or excessive shedding.

Toxic indulgences like too much sugar can aggravate scalp conditions including psoriasis, dandruff and can inhibit your stages of hair growth. Too much salt, yeast, protein or vitamin overdose can cause high blood pressure, acne, kidney/liver malfunction and cause build ups in the system that contribute to cystic acne, hyper tension and more serious health concerns. Whenever you over work or over load your system, your hair and body suffer for it.

Anytime a new natural enters our natural hair groups with sudden traumatic hair woes (from pattern breakage due to dryness to thin dull strands that remain lackluster), we familiar with the signs of damage from our own vitamin deficiencies often ask: what have you been eating, have you been to the doctor and how do you feel?

Simply put, hair is made from protein, thrives on a balance of vitamins/minerals and needs moisture to maintain its elasticity/softness which means you have to eat right and drink the water hair needs for optimum growth and functioning!

It’s a good trend to follow regardless of your personal beliefs, to incorporate whole foods, fruits and vegetables in to your diet, but some cases, it may contribute to hair growth and regeneration of hair follicles*.

*(unable to provide scientific evidence only personal experience on these claims.)


Just the drinks! This is my liquid diet haul since having bouts of paralyzed stomach. Great for weight loss and healthy hair growth! Love that Smartwater for electrolytes!

Whole foods offer more nutritional value that the body processes, in some cases, better than any supplements. Just remember to always consult a medical professional before changing your diet and vitamin regime as it may cause side effects or complications with your unique health concerns.

I know it’s a lot, but frankly, there are no short cuts to achieving health and healthy growth by extention.

There’s ways around all that persnickity attention paid to nutritional value and quality, (they sell Hawaiian Silky wave bundles in 15″ and 18″ all day, every day), but if you want to GROW that length, you have to start from within!


Lots of vitamin C, antioxidants and cellular assistance in this fruit bowl!

Natural Sources of Vitamins for Hair Growth: From A to Z

Antioxidants- According to WebMd, antioxidants protect the body from free radicals, are found in many vitamins and are best consumed through a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies. Red wine is also a good source of antioxidants. 😉

(Source:WebMd http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/tc/antioxidants-topic-overview)

Biotin– Vitamin B powerhouse biotin helps regulate the blood sugar. Although taken for hair growth and beauty for healthy skin, there is no medical study for these benefits. Natural sources of biotin are found in chicken, eggs, salmon, swiss chard, almonds, walnuts and their “milks” found in many smoothies.

 (Source:WebMd http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-and-supplements/supplement-guide-biotin)

Collagen- Powdered or liquid, capsule or pill, collagen is known as a beauty aid in the natural health aisle. It also regulates the blood sugar and promotes the development of lean healthy muscles when used in weight gain supplements. From smoothing out wrinkles by plumping the cells, to speeding up the regeneration of cells (which contributes to cellular health) and regenerating joint cartilage, the peptides comprised of collagen* may promote hair follicle regeneration in many cases of hair loss.

Proline and glycine are two of the primary types of amino acids found in collagen supplements. They are usually derived from bovine and fish/egg sources making this an acceptable supplement to non vegan diets. I purchase mine at my local whole fresh market, but you can find them in your local vitamin stores, health food stores and, of course, online.

I take collagen powder in my whey protein drink Premier (delicious, btw!) and in my smoothies for joint pain as well as to improve my skin/hair elasticity. My hair has grown in stronger and healthier with no signs of pattern breakage. My mom has also experienced edge regrowth (as well as eyebrow regrowth), too. I totally recommend it!

(Source:Dr Axe* https://www.google.com/amp/s/draxe.com/what-is-collagen/amp/)

Vitamin C- The Citrus Vitamin (also known as absorbic acid) is necessary for the growth, regeneration and function of bodily tissue (this includes hair). It also maintains joint cartilage, helps with liver/cardiovascular function and helps the absorption of collagen/iron in the system. Natural sources of vitamin C are found in spinach, oranges, and peppers. For overall health, get 9 servings of fruits and veggies to reap the most benefits of this vitamin!  

(Source:WebMd http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/the-benefits-of-vitamin-c)

Vitamin D- D is for Dairy when it comes to this vitamin, found in yogurt, cheese, as well as fish like salmon, sardines, etc. Whether it’s from sunshine, fortified or from a mackerel (or beef liver), the body needs vitamin D for optimum functioning. (It’s also claimed vitamin d assists in the regeneration of hair follicles by creating new pores.-Google source)

(Source:WebMd http://www.webmd.com/osteoporosis/features/the-truth-about-vitamin-d-vitamin-d-food-sources)

Iron- lack of iron can trigger anemia, hair loss, angina and a whole host of other health disorders because blood is the primary carrier of all nutrients to every system in your body. Proper iron levels in the blood are critical for hair growth and general wellness. Natural sources of iron include legumes, spinach, beans, liver, etc. Be sure to consult a medical professional for proper dosage with iron for fewer stomach upsets. Iron is also taken with vitamin C for better absorption.  

(Source:WebMd http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/hair-loss/news/20060516/hair-loss-may-be-iron-deficiency)

Omega 3 fatty acids- found in fish oils, Omega 3 fatty acids help the body retain moisture and prevents common scalp issues like dandruff, skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. Also crucial in combating anti-inflammatory diseases, battling acne and easing arthritis symptoms. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in supplements and fatty fish like salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel This oil is essential for growing long, strong healthy hair.  (Source:Dr. Axe https://www.google.com/amp/s/draxe.com/fish-oil-benefits-health/amp/)

Zinc- For hair follicle regeneration and scalp health, zinc is another vital vitamin for hair growth. Found in natural sources like fish, seafood and vegetables, in health supplements and recommended for treating many skin and cardiovascular diseases. Zinc is a undervalued player in the healthcare aisles, but can help clear up acne and ease skin conditions like hidradenitis when taken at therapeutic levels.

So, that’s it! The healthiest natural vitamins for overall wellness that promote hair growth!

Follow your length retention techniques, get supplements you trust and give your hair at least 2 months to show you some healthy growth with this list!

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