After using the Tisdale Pinot Noir for Awesome Saucery’s Slow Cooker Coq au Vin, I decided to make a fruity Sangria for Cinco de Mayo.

It’s now May the first and I have 5 days of mottling and stirring and waiting for the wine to absorb all that fruit flavor.

The Longer You Wait The Better

Years ago, there was a recipe I came across for traditional Sangria that called for a marinating time of 3 to 9 days so I will have to update when I finally get to drink it!


Lots of vitamin C, antioxidants and cellular assistance in this fruit bowl!

Awesome Antioxidants

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Red wine contains lots of antioxidants that are essential for optimum functioning and health, so while this is not considered a health drink, it won’t derail your beach body plans!

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The Haul Required for Awesome Saucery’s Cinco De Mayo Sangria:

1 bottle of Barefoot  Pinot Noir

1 cup of triple sec

1 cup of Paul Masson brandy

1 bag of Dole Tropical Fruit Blend

1 can of mandarin orange segments (drained)

1 can of pineapple tidbits (drained)

1 pound cleaned fresh blackberries

2 sliced fuji apples

2 sliced cuties in washed peel

1 and a half cup of sugar

3 cups of ice

1 cinnamon stick

Tools Required

1 potato masher

1 large pitcher

1 long wooden spoon

Wine glasses



1.) Combine all the fruit in a large pitcher with sugar and ice.

2.) Mottle fruit and ice with the sugar to release the juices.

3.) Add bottle of red wine, brandy, triple sec and cinnamon stick to pitcher.

4.) Stir to combine.

5.) Refrigerate for 4 to 9 days. I like to stir and mash the fruit down once a day to release some juices into the wine.

6.) After the wait serve with ice and some of the fruit in wine glasses!


You can add half Pinot Noir (I am using Barefoot Wines) and half Chardonnay for wines, triple sec and brandy with simple syrup as a base for fruit combinations and additions, liqour combinations. The possibilities and flavor potentials are limitless!

Alternative Serving Suggestions

Enjoy Sangria straight up, or add it to seltzer water for a fizz. It’s delicious any way you choose!

Serve in a wine glass, in a glass goblet, use your imagination, add some of the marinated fruit, an umbrella and sip!!


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