My Natural Hair Journey: the Struggle

My natural hair journey began after years of hair breakage with relaxers. Many naturals began on the creamy crack struggle. When I finally had enough of managing the cycles of damage I was causing to my hair to get it to do what I wanted it to do, instead, I began thinking of what it actually needed and what it was capable of doing.

My hair always fights me like we’re not on the natural hair #teamslay together. I need Miss Thing to accept her crown on #naturalhair team slay. I’m not into her being a diva.

Aside from the tangling roots, dryness issues, and immediate style frizz, it’s also hard to type my hair. It’s kind of red, (which has its own set of issues), has multiple textures and is high maintenance.

My main frustration with my hair is the front does not hold a definable curl! It just hangs limply, refuses to hold onto any curl and the roots wave up. I only get pretty clumps and coils in the back of my head. So, the texture is all over the place and wash n gos, no gos. Finger twirling doesn’t work, only twists and curlers. Hard to manage.

I like to experiment with different techniques to rehydrate my curls, and have to wash my scalp every 4 days unless it’s in a protective style for up to a week.

With so much advice for so many specific types it’s nice to share successes with natural hair formulas and products with othe naturals. That’s why I created this blog. I want to save someone the grief I caused myself along the way and keep a few coins in their pockets!

So, if your hair is also fiesty and not curl popping in high definition, perhaps my journey can inspire yours!

Below you find a few pictures of my natural hair journey from 2016 on.

Each picture has the different techniques, hydration methods and uses no heat manipulation. The perm rods are the exception because they were set under a hooded dryer under indirect heat.