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Three Tips for Rocking Red Lips


Before we can even begin to step before that magic mirror to apply our war paint, be sure you always start with a clean dry palette. Try lightly scrubbing the surface of your lips with a clean washcloth or disposable makeup remover cloth. Not only will this ensure a truer color from your products, it will also slightly plump up your lips from the gentle friction.

Next consideration is: what look are you trying to achieve? Going from daytime chic to dance floor freak depends on your ability to identify your needs. Determine the differences between a creamy lipstick, mega-shine lip gloss or more permanent option like a lip stain to manage your luscious lip looks.

Regardless of your skin tone or undertones, there is sure to be a shade of rouge for you with these 3 simple tips for workable red lips:

1. Line those lips. Many makeup experts agree adding a basic outline with a matching shade of lip liner (or of the same hue family) as the lipstick of your choice will lessen the chances of smearing after the initial application. Remember to draw inside along the ridges of your lips, not outside, because with lip liner: less is more. The idea is not to “draw on” lips: you’re just adding a protective barrier for the actual lipstick to adhere to.

2. Pick the appropriate shade for your pucker. Fearing the flash of fire engine red lipstick is too fierce for your office job? Perhaps more demure hues of red like brick or tomato would be less intimidating under those unforgiving fluorescent lights. Depending upon your own unique skin tones, pondering the combinations of shades and liners (before purchase) is simple and easy with online tips from some of the industries top makeup gurus. Covergirl’s website has its own unique section completely devoted to tips for lips: play around with the possibilities before you commit to a purchase.

3. You get what you pay for with lipstick. Consistency is everything when choosing your lip color. Whether you use a lip brush or your finger to apply, dab on the color gently or smush your lips together then blot away the excess, this last rule is constant and timeless. Cheaper lipsticks and glosses rub off easily during the day and will need to be checked often to maintain a fresh look. Investing in a richer but lasting product reduces the need to reapply and saves you money in less usage.

Do you prefer the shine of a lip gloss that glides on easily like a lipstick but will stay on your lips long after your morning cup? Consider checking out: Covergirl’s Outlast lip stain for color selections, retail price and where to purchase.

For more of a dewy gloss look that plumps your lips as it delivers the shine try: Clinique‘s Long Last Lip Shine. They are a little pricier but if you’re mobile (and motivated!) their caring staff will be happy to help you choose the right look for you in store. Check out Clinique’s homepage for new products, make up tips as well as where to locate a store near you.

These are just two examples of the endless supply of possibilities available when you’re ready to rock rouge red lips like a pro.

(These recommendations are based on my own experiences with the manufacturer’s and product brands which are from a consumer perspective, I am NOT paid to endorse them!)